Crisis Care Centers

Don’t know where to go? We can help.

If you or someone you love is in need of immediate psychiatric care, where do you go? Instead of waiting hours at the emergency room – or weeks to get an appointment with a psychiatrist – our Crisis Care Centers provide same-day access to psychiatric evaluation, medication management and social work services.

Understanding your needs

Quick and easy access to specialty care.

ConnectionsAZ offers the solution to navigating the complex behavioral health system. Our Crisis Care Centers consist of psychiatrists, nurses, social services staff, and peer supports who believe that early intervention and crisis resolution are essential for the best possible outcomes for those in need. We accept all patients, so you’ll get treatment immediately, regardless of your ability to pay.


A proven model for patient success

ConnectionsAZ’s Crisis Care Centers have the people, processes and facilities to quickly complete initial evaluation and initiate treatment in a safe and healing environment. We do whatever it takes to safely return our patients to the community, and avoid unnecessarily restrictive and costly hospitalization.

Step 1

We assess the situation.

Our patients come to us in many ways – whether they walk in voluntarily, are brought in by law enforcement, or transferred from a hospital emergency room. No matter how they get here, each patient is screened and assigned a “level” based on the complexity of their symptoms. Our team then works to ensure patients get their needs met quickly.
Step 2

We observe without hospitalization.

As an alternate to staying days in an emergency room or jail, we offer comprehensive crisis care in a specialized setting. Part of our success in treating our patients comes from a 23-hour observation period. This allows continuous visualization to ensure safety, and provides the opportunity for interpersonal interaction in a therapeutic setting. The result? A majority of our patients have their crisis resolved and return back to the community without the need for hospitalization.
Step 3

We help you make the transition.

At this point, most patients are able to be discharged to less restrictive and less costly community-based care instead of inpatient admission. Before discharge, our care team works with patients to arrange follow-ups and connect you with resources in the community, including a financial eligibility screening and assistance applying for benefits. We’ll even help you find a permanent psychiatrist who can help you with a long-term treatment plan.

Behavioral health systems can be confusing and difficult to navigate, but we’re changing the game by providing quick and easy access to specialty care.


At ConnectionsAZ, we welcome all individuals, regardless of clinical complexity, providing the appropriate assessment and intervention as quickly as possible.


With a walk-in urgent care clinic and overnight observation unit, our Crisis Care Centers provide 24/7 access to a range of mental health and substance use services.


Our substance use treatment centers offer same-day evaluation and intervention services, including medication-assisted treatment when appropriate.


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