Substance use treatment

Getting you on the road to recovery. Fast.

Our substance abuse treatment centers offer same-day evaluation and intervention services, including medication assisted treatment (MAT) if needed. Unlike some other treatment centers, we make every effort to keep people in treatment. We’ll get you in right away and work with you to make sure you’re successful.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

The key to long-term success

Research indicates that a combination of medication and behavioral therapies can successfully treat substance use disorders and help sustain recovery. To that end, we begin our patients’ journey to recovery with one-on-one care and medication assisted treatment (MAT). MAT has been shown to assist patients in recovery by improving quality of life, level of functioning and the ability to handle stress. Above all, MAT helps prevent overdoses from occurring and reduces mortality while patients begin recovery.


A proven model for patient success

We help patients start the road to recovery by building them an individualized treatment plan based on their needs, and offering additional services if needed like mental health care and social work services. We also offer primary care services like health checkups and preventative screenings for HIV and Hepatitis C to improve the overall health of patients.

Step 1

We assess the situation.

As soon as patients arrive at our Substance Use Treatment Center, we make it a point to get a clear understanding of each person’s lifestyle and why there are here. We then get started on a treatment that fits that lifestyle and focuses on the patient’s goals for recovery. Our team of financial eligibility specialists, crisis workers, behavioral health medical providers, and recovery support specialists then work to ensure patients get their needs met quickly.

We observe without hospitalization.

An alternate to detoxification in an emergency room or jail, we offer comprehensive treatment of co-occurring substance use disorders in a specialized setting. Our success in treating patients comes from an initiation of medication assisted treatment (MAT), plus a 23-hour observation period. The observation units are open spaces where one can interact with other people receiving services and participate in group therapy.

We help you make the transition.

Transitional care is provided during the weeks to months it may take until the first available appointment with a substance use counselor covered by the patient’s health plan. We will work with you to find a clinic that meets your needs and help make an appointment. We can also help with the paperwork to enroll in Medicaid/AHCCS, marketplace plans, etc.

Behavioral health systems can be confusing and difficult to navigate, but we’re changing the game by providing quick and easy access to specialty care.


At ConnectionsAZ, we welcome all individuals, regardless of clinical complexity, providing the appropriate assessment and intervention as quickly as possible.


With a walk-in urgent care clinic and overnight observation unit, our Crisis Care Centers provide 24/7 access to a range of mental health and substance use services.


Our substance use treatment centers offer same-day evaluation and intervention services, including medication-assisted treatment when appropriate.


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